Priority 1: Victim identification & care
To drive improved identification of victims of modern slavery and enhanced levels of immediate and sustained support for victims and survivors across the UK

Why victim identification & care?

Millions of people are trapped in modern slavery around the world, and thousands in the UK. Behind every number is a name and behind every statistic a story – this is a crime that impacts men, women, adults and children.


Victims of modern slavery often suffer from an array of serious physical and psychological health issues as a direct result of the exploitation they have been subjected to. Immediate support is paramount in making victims feel safe and secure, and to protect them from further harm. Sustained support is often required to enable long-term healing, to increase resilience, and to help survivors reintegrate into society and rebuild their lives.


It is essential that we improve efforts to identify potential victims so that individuals can be removed from situations of exploitation, protected from further harm and referred for appropriate care. Support will be most effective when it is informed and guided by survivors’ experience and expertise.


Areas of focus

Related News & Insights

News | 15 August 2018
New analysis by the University of Nottingham's Rights Lab in partnership with the office of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner finds poor performance in the UK agricultural sector against the 'transparency in supply chains' provision of the Modern Slavery Act.
News | 03 July 2018
Along with 35 businesses, organisations and individuals, I am today publishing a joint statement calling on the government to establish a central registry for corporate modern slavery statements.
News | 18 June 2018
Public procurement is a powerful tool in the fight against modern slavery but the UK government is not yet using it strongly enough.
News | 11 June 2018
The eradication of recruitment fees is crucial to reducing modern slavery and protecting vulnerable migrant workers. Today, I support the businesses and other organisations gathering in Singapore this week for the 2018 Global Forum on Responsible Recruitment and Employment.
News | 30 May 2018
The Commissioner has written a joint letter with investors totalling assets under management of £817 billion to FTSE 100 companies which failed to comply with the Modern Slavery Act.

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