Spearheading the UK’s fight against modern slavery
Kevin Hyland OBE is the UK’s first Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner. The Commissioner’s role was created as one of the key provisions of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

What is modern slavery?

Modern slavery is an umbrella term encompassing slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking. Victims of modern slavery are unable to leave their situation of exploitation, controlled by threats, punishment, violence, coercion and deception. Slavery violates human rights, denying people of their right to life, freedom and security.


people live in slavery today
(ILO & Walkfree Foundation 2017)

potential victims of slavery are in the UK
(Home Office 2014)

children are victims of child labour
(ILO & Walkfree Foundation 2017)

The Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner's five priorities:

Statutory Agencies

Recent News & Insights

News | 12 September 2017
A young trafficking victim called Hung became the moving focus of a speech given by the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner at the House of Lords yesterday (Monday 11 September). Kevin Hyland OBE told an audience, which included retired judge Baroness...
News | 11 September 2017
Vietnam has consistently featured in official statistics on modern slavery as one of the top three source countries for victims of the crime. Driven by this, the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner visited Vietnam in 2015 and subsequently commissioned...
News | 11 September 2017
Following the launch of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner's most recent research, 'Combating modern slavery experienced by Vietnamese nationals en route to, and within, the UK', Amelia Gentleman reports on the report findings and the...
News | 11 September 2017
On Monday 11th September the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner published a research report titled, 'Combating modern slavery experienced by Vietnamese nationals en route to, and within, the UK'. Sean O'Neill of The Times reports on the findings, with...
News | 11 September 2017
The Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner has partnered with the London Evening Standard and The Independent for a special investigation into the brutal crime of modern slavery.  The investigation will include accounts from brave survivors, comments from...
News | 04 September 2017
The Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner is partnering with Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL) on a new research project titled 'Blood Bricks'. The research addresses the knowledge gap on the dynamic interaction between climate change and...
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