“Campaigners welcome potential Boohoo US import ban after slave labour allegations”


Speaking to Sky News, the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Dame Sara Thornton comments on a potential ban on US imports where there have been allegations of labour abuse for some brands. 



"Campaigners welcome potential Boohoo US import ban after slave labour allegations" (Sky News, 02/03/21)


"The UK's anti-slavery commissioner Sara Thornton said: "Lawyers, or civil society organisations, whoever is concerned, are perfectly entitled to use every lever they have and if they think they've got a case then they are entitled to approach Customs and Border Protection.

"Always with issues of labour abuse there's a choice - you can ask companies to do the right thing or you can force them."

She added: "One of the issues Leicester reveals is that the brand - in this case Boohoo - has no legal responsibility for what happens in its suppliers and I think that's a concern and a lot of people in the UK think the law needs to be strengthened so they are in some way more responsible for what happens in their supply chains."


You can read the full article here and watch the video here