In partnership with the Rights Lab at the University of Nottingham, in 2017 the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner launched research looking into modern slavery partnerships across the UK. Together with the Rights Lab, the Commissioner is now developing an online toolkit for local anti-slavery partnerships.


Partnerships have formed in regions across the UK bringing together different local authority departments, law enforcement agencies and charities to address the crime of slavery. The research identified the numerous benefits of working in partnership as well as some of the challenges, and the ingredients needed for successful partnership working.


As a result of the research, the Commissioner and the Rights Lab are now working to develop a toolkit, which will assist communities and service providers to improve their responses to modern slavery.


The toolkit will include checklists, documents and helpful links to assist with key actions including:

  • Initiating partnerships and establishing a shared agenda
  • Setting goals and constructing action plans
  • Governance and accountability frameworks, including measuring progress
  • Engaging with survivors
  • Increasing public awareness, community mobilisation and co-production


Download a full description of the project


This project is a collaborative effort, and we welcome your ideas for other documents that could be included. This could include case studies of initiatives that have worked well, examples of strategies or action plans, information-sharing agreements, policies and monitoring frameworks. Other suggestions are also invited.


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