The victims of the terrible trade in human beings are all around us, Dame Sara tells The Sunday Post 


In a piece covering the case of Slovakian human trafficking victims tricked into moving to Scotland before being sold as brides, Dame Sara speaks to The Sunday Post about the reality of modern slavery today and the role the public can play in trying to stop human trafficking.


“I was sold as a slave for £3500… in Scotland: Victim of barbaric human traffickers reveals ordeal” (The Sunday Post, 13/10/19)

Vulnerable victims can be forced into labour exploitation, sexual exploitation or even criminality by their traffickers.

You might come across these victims every day, “working” at hand car washes or nail bars. Criminals today use coercion to control their victims rather than keeping them locked up in chains …

We are often closer than we think to the exploitation of others and everyone can play a role in trying to stop human trafficking.


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