IASC and Rights Lab launch new research agreement  


The Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Dame Sara Thornton, and the Rights Lab at the University of Nottingham have agreed a protocol on working more closely together to collaborate on research and innovation on modern slavery.

This partnership will focus on developing emergent research ideas which support the strategic priorities of the Commissioner and which seek to address the key challenges faced by policymakers and practitioners in understanding and preventing modern slavery.

The Commissioner has a statutory remit to encourage research which supports her work to encourage good practice in the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of modern slavery offences and the identification of victims.

The Commissioner currently supports a number of research projects and partnerships across academia, providing in-kind support and encouraging research which considers impact, evaluation and which has the best interests of survivors at its core as recommended in an IASC review published last year on survivor support research.


Read: IASC and Rights Lab Protocol


Dame Sara Thornton, Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, said:

“I am delighted to embark on this collaborative approach to research and innovation with the Rights Lab. My office has supported important research by the Rights Lab over the years and I am looking forward to building on this good work and facilitating emergent research which can respond to policy needs, foster future research and inform the work of practitioners on the ground.” 


Zoe Trodd, Director of the University of Nottingham Rights Lab, said:

“The Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner is very important for the facilitation of research that addresses critical evidence gaps in the area of modern slavery, and the Rights Lab is committed to delivering research that supports anti-slavery policy and practice. I am very excited to formalise and further develop our partnership with the Commissioner on emergent and collaborative research.”


The Commissioner’s office welcomes suggestions and requests relating to research on modern slavery. Please find more information on our portal about research requests or contact the IASC Research and Innovation Lead Katie Lawson via katherine.lawson@iasc.independent.gov.uk