Dame Sara Thornton comments on the UK's approach to modern slavery


The Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner Dame Sara Thornton writes in today’s Daily Express about the UK's approach to protecting victims of modern slavery, the central role of criminal and financial investigation in prosecuting offenders, and the importance of public awareness and action. The op-ed is published as part of a campaign featuring a new report by Justice and Care and the Centre for Social Justice which explores the progress of the UK’s response to modern slavery and identifies the key challenges faced by frontline professionals.



Dame Sara Thornton, Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, concludes:

“Modern slavery and human trafficking are serious crimes and the laws must be enforced. But the way in which we respond to the exploitation of the most vulnerable across the globe is also a test of our humanity and decency.” 


Access the full article online: Responding to exploitation is a test of our decency (Daily Express, 01/02/22)