"Why I am Running for Love, by the UK Anti-Slavery Commissioner"


TRIBE’s Run for Love team pushed the limits of human endurance and ran 253 km in 6 days (with elevation 1.5x Everest) to increase awareness of modern slavery and help raise £250k to set up two new homes for UK survivors.

In this blog, the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Dame Sara Thornton provides an insight from her role and describes why she chose to join the Run for Love for the final day.


"Why I am Running for Love, by the UK Anti-Slavery Commissioner" (Tribe, 21/11/19)

Run for Love is supporting two projects, Ella’s and Snowdrop, which both provide excellent support for victims of modern slavery and human trafficking. I am visiting Ella’s next month and earlier today I visited Snowdrop in Sheffield.

Snowdrop is an amazing charity which provides support for victims and survivors in all kinds of practical ways. The mothers and toddler group welcomed me warmly and I was even poured a pretend cup of tea from the plastic tea set. I listened to several survivors tell me how the mix of counselling, practical support and community activities had made all the difference. I heard how Snowdrop had decorated and furnished a client’s flat - a practical service supported by volunteers. I heard about sewing classes, college courses and the Christmas party.

Victims of modern slavery have suffered unspeakable abuse - their pain is palpable. It’s great to be able to do something to ensure that they have the support and care that they need so that they can begin to rebuild their lives.


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